Glow Javascript SDK

Integrate your site with Glow wallet.

About Glow

Glow is a non-custodial crypto wallet for the Solana blockchain.

Glow is available as a browser extension, an iOS app, and an Android app. With the iOS app, Glow includes a mobile Safari extension that lets users interact with applications right from the Safari browser. For Android, a browser is built into the app.

As a developer, you can use the same JavaScript SDK to integrate your site with Glow across all platforms.

Installing the SDK

The library can be installed via npm or yarn:

# Using npm
npm install @glow-xyz/glow-client

# Using yarn
yarn add @glow-xyz/glow-client

In addition, a React wrapper is provided, which helpful if you are building a React app. To install, run:

# Using npm
npm install @glow-xyz/glow-react

# Using yarn
yarn add @glow-xyz/glow-react

Getting Started

Once you install the library, you are ready to connect your site to Glow.

To do so, first detect whether the user has Glow installed. Then, prompt the user to sign in with Glow so that you can connect to the wallet, authenticate the user, and be ready to perform actions. Finally, use the connection to execute transactions or sign messages.