Detecting Glow

Does the user have Glow installed?

To connect to Glow, you will first want to detect if the user has the wallet installed. To do so, check for the existence of the window.glow object.

const glowInstalled = window.glow != null;

If Glow is not detected, we recommend that you redirect the user to our website to install Glow. This looks like the following:

const glowInstalled = window.glow != null;
if (!glowInstalled) {"", "_blank");

After the user installs Glow, prompt them to refresh to page so the wallet can be properly recognized.

If you are using the React wrapper, you may not need to detect Glow yourself. The SDK performs the detection and passes you the information as a variable.

Next Up

Great — you've made sure that the user has Glow installed. Next, you will let the user sign in to your site using the wallet, so that you can access and display the user's information, as well as prompt them to sign messages and transactions.